and you

happy birthday to yoooouuuuu!!!!

              Hahahahah thank you thank you 😀 but can I change Tennant for my hubby Mr Hiddleston;D!  now it’s perfect 🙂 thank youxxxxxxxxL Advertisements

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happy birthday from gl

                Thank you GL hehehehehe love it:) xxxxxxx:)

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Land of dreams:)

I would rather live in my dreams because this is the sort of stuff I dream about;  I have kissed this Mr Mcavoy, it was sooo realistic didn’t leave my head … Continue reading

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who’d of thought

that this is what I have on repeat at  the mo 🙂 and I can hum the high notes:D Maria Callas Why I can place a video in one post and not … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

 Just  wanted to say Happy Birthday to my best mate xxxxx     🙂

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No more scrap:o

The scrap store is closing! what are we going to do? moments like this I wish I was a millionaire, wonder how much it would cost to start-up a scrap store? … Continue reading

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Evening still searching..still staring at pinterest, although I’ve noticed my scanning of the page seems to be much faster, not got a job yet either..don’t think they’re related..but then I … Continue reading

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