and you

laugh of the night :D

First I wish to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to my crackers friend 50 miles away,..altbojhh technically it’s over now, but I’m still sending her the wishes and kisses  xxx

Someone posted a link to this article on FB..

http://jezebel.com/5900928/your-vagina-isnt-just-too-big-too-floppy-and-too-hairyits-also-too-brown by Lindy West

and I have been cracking up over it,  if people truly believe this is the way to be Attractive they are Fd in the head!

But what I really love is the people’s comments, read and enjoy, yes there some serious issues raised but I’m just not deep enough to get them unless pointed out to me, then I’m like uh ha gotcha, hmmm yes very sad/fucked up

Any way off to she what else I can read from miss west and her commentors 🙂


Also the altbojhh was supposed to be although, but for what ever reason. Auto correct declined to work yet keeps on correcting words that don’t  need correcting :/ think I’ll stick to posting on the laptop not the kindle

Night  xxx °~°

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