and you

Land of dreams:)

I would rather live in my dreams because this is the sort of stuff I dream about;

 I have kissed this Mr Mcavoy, it was sooo realistic didn’t leave my head for days..well longer as this was over 6 yrs ago:)






 Sat on my bed and ate curry flavoured Pringles (which I don’t even like) with Mr Tennant:) we were good friends:D, also over six years ago. Why I remember these things and not the butter I needed from the shop yesterday, I have no idea.








 OOOO But last night I became Mrs T Hiddleston.

We showered together (yes it was a through cleansing)while looking over a beach.

The next day we got married on a white sandy beach:) I had a long white backless fitted lacy dress that falls loose from the waist, with full length sleeves (think elvish style) and around 7/8 buttons along the wrist.  There was also a large white house surrounded by lots of really green grass.

Yes he looked this happy in my dream,

hahahahha this why I love my dreams:) I’m still wondering around my home on honeymoon mode:)x

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