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I am a genius..its official:)

You will never see a photograph with a tidy background in my home..ever and that’s because I’m a genius:) messy desks.. breeds creative minds..I have a messy house so my … Continue reading

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laugh of the night :D

First I wish to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to my crackers friend 50 miles away,..altbojhh technically it’s over now, but I’m still sending her the wishes and kisses  xxx Someone posted … Continue reading

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and in the south

Just spent morning Blogging with little lady http://chickenspics.wordpress.com/ http://chickenspics.wordpress.com/my-book-reviews/earwig-floors-and-toads/ and now collecting pictures to transfer for a special birthday coming up inspired by this site here: http://www.lilblueboo.com/2012/10/packing-tape-image-transfers.html/ we spent yesterday … Continue reading

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All animals around me having an afternoon snooze ….. Me drinking tea catching up on originals …..

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Snoozing in the afternoon

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is christmas over yet?

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I don’t like making a CV…

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happy birthday to yoooouuuuu!!!!

              Hahahahah thank you thank you 😀 but can I change Tennant for my hubby Mr Hiddleston;D!  now it’s perfect 🙂 thank youxxxxxxxxL

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happy birthday from gl

                Thank you GL hehehehehe love it:) xxxxxxx:)

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Land of dreams:)

I would rather live in my dreams because this is the sort of stuff I dream about;  I have kissed this Mr Mcavoy, it was sooo realistic didn’t leave my head … Continue reading

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